THE ISO Specification is the most appropriate combination of components to achieve an ISO 14644 classified environment, mainly selected by Semiconductor, Aerospace, Automotive and high throughput manufacturing applications.

Balancing a high-quality, clean finish with a cost competitive Specification enables the ISO option to meet the full spectrum of ISO 5 to 8 classification whilst ensuring value for money and time to build remain the critical factors.

ISO utilises a composite panel system for the main structural elements, such as walls and ceilings, and ensures that interfacing components including doors, glazing, flooring, lighting, filtration, grilles and accessories are manufactured from high quality materials and intelligently incorporated into the installation.

The ISO Specification also logically incorporates and conceals all utilities by taking advantage of the channel behind the wall panels – which also serves as a return air void. This feature reduces ledges and crevices to aid cleaning, support compliance and improve overall facility aesthetic.



  • Classifications Available ISO 5, 6, 7, 8 & BSL 3
  • Walls: GT Shell Pro 60mm or 80mm thick Quadcore panels with a CLEANSafe coating that fit together intelligently via a unique de-ended solution, fitted into a base channel with integrated semi-flush doors and windows. An aluminium top hat profile is placed into the de-ended panel with the panel face folded around, de-ending to both the top and bottom of the panel. This unique detail allows for integration into an adjustable floor track. download data sheet
  • Doors: GT Access Plus Featuring QuadCore technology which offers superior fire protection, thermal and environmental performance and a CLEANSafe coating, GT Access Pro semi flush hinged door leafs are constructed from two facings 0.63mm thick hot-dip zinc coated metal to EN 10147, folded to form a 40mm thick door leaf. The edges of the two skins are pressed to create a monobloc cassette construction with smooth folded edges. Each vision panel is constructed from two 6mm laminated safety glass panels – standard size 300 x 600mm. download data sheet
  • Glazing: GT Vision Pro Designed as semi flush mounted glazed frame for the GT Shell Pro de-ended panel system. The glazing units consist of two aluminium frames (frame and counterframe) on which 6mm laminated glass is glued and siliconed on both sides. The aluminium frame is available in RAL 9002 or RAL 9010 colours as standard – the bottom of the frame is supplied with moisture-absorbing silica gel granules in order to keep the glazing unit cavity moisture-free.
  • Ceiling: GT Lid Plus Composite ceiling panels with QuadCore infill and powder-coated steel faces, a 45mm radius coving is applied to bridge the 90-degree connection between wall and ceiling panel joints, finished with silicone. download data sheet
  • Flooring: GT Deck Pro ESD vinyl, hot-welded and coved 100mm from floor level with a fully flush connection to wall via intelligent recessed floor track detail which vinyl lays under with silicone sealed finish. DOWNLOAD DATA SHEET

  • Utilities Integration Most utilities will be terminated with wall mounted sockets/outlets with wiring, pipework and containment concealed behind the wall panel within the return air plenum. All penetrations will be silicone sealed, small power and data sockets will be flush mounted.
  • Lighting: GT Lux Plus Recessed LED, 4k colour temperature, 4,400 lumens per light fitting providing 500 lux at bench level. Roomside access diffuser for clean LED change. PIR motion sensor activated. download data sheet
  • HVAC & Filtration: GT Air Plus AHU ducted to plenum in the ceiling void to provide air distribution to Fan Filter Units (FFUs), exhaust air at low level via grilles into wall plenum, returning back to AHU in the plant room. Condenser housed externally and piped to internal unit. download data sheet
  • Environmental Monitoring System: GT Scan Pro In-room LED displays illustrating pressure, temperature and humidity, feeding back to centralised computer screen with GT Scan Pro EMS software for alarms and data storage. Alarms are also provided via text, email or phone call as well as in-room beacons. download data sheet
  • Controls & BMS All cleanroom plant is controlled with a centralised Graphical User Interface (GUI) via a touchscreen display panel housed in the change area. This receives a signal from the AHU, FFUs, lighting, door interlocks and provides control functionality as well as centralised data that can be back to the main building BMS.
  • Furniture Workbenches, stepover benches, cabinets, racking and dispensers manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel frames and Trespa TopLab work surfaces. Full fit-out available. To view the full range CLICK HERE
  • Equipment Wet benches, fume hoods, biosafety cabinets, laminar flow units, air showers, transfer hatches, autoclaves, isolators. Full fit-out available. To view the full range CLICK HERE

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