Choose Guardtech’s Decontamination Cleans to help 
protect YOUR staff, product and business 

With our new EndoSan Model C Fogger, Guardtech Cleanrooms’ Decontamination Cleans can help your business tackle the threat of COVID-19 and more with our hydrogen peroxide fogging. This dry fogging system is compatible in all office environments, as well as with sensitive electronic equipment. 

EndoSan SHP dry misting has been proven to achieve greater than log 5 reduction (99.999%) in bacteria and at least a log 3 (99.9%) reduction in virus of the coronavirus family.

EndoSan is the world’s most-advanced silver-stabilised hydrogen peroxide and can be used in any location for disinfection of airborne or surface micro-organisms, including: 
Hospitals, schools, ambulances, supermarkets, factories, nurseries, universities, homes

EndoSan is a powerful, highly effective, stable and safe solution of hydrogen peroxide, stabilised using a specially formulated silver-based chemistry.

How it works? 

When a bacterium senses a disinfectant, it emits catalase which will neutralise the hydrogen peroxide molecule. The presence of silver inhibits the emission of catalase and allows the peroxide to destroy the pathogen.

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From commissioning a new-build cleanroom to service, maintenance, testing & validation of existing controlled environments, the Guardtech Service Department support ongoing compliance in all cGMP & ISO14644 classified cleanrooms

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