The Decontamination Team offer a comprehensive range of periodic deep clean contracts. With more than 30 years of experience combined among our two most senior operatives alone, our hard-working team have the knowledge, skill and expertise to deliver high-performance cleans to ensure your operations are never compromised.

From builders’ cleans to deep hand over cleans to regular deep cleans, detergent and alcohol clean, alcohol and biocide/sporicides cleans or alcohol only cleans, the Decontamination Team will work with you to determine the programme that best suits your business. 

If it’s the physical removal of marks and debris you require, our team know how to get the job done. The Decontamination Team use HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners prior to wet cleans – and there isn’t a cleaning challenge they’re not prepared to face. 

Taking care of all those awkward, hard-to-reach surfaces, under benches and chairs, ledges and cleanroom equipment, as well as general work surfaces, walls, ceilings and floors, is all part of the process for our diligent, dedicated team, who also offer strip and reseals of floors, including ESD vinyl.

The Guardtech Decontamination Team work to GMP standards for pharma and medical device facilities, ensuring the removal of gross and micro particles to maintain ISO standards as per agreed SOPs and good practice.

Post-construction cleans

Builders’ cleans are conducted post-construction and prior to validation to ensure the removal of visible dust, fibres and large particulate. This can include full coverage of the cleanrooms’ structure, equipment, furniture and extend as far as ductwork or plenum cleaning.

Contamination cleans

Guardtech Deep Cleans utilise biocidal or sporicidal agents to drastically reduce the presence of bioburden, spores and bacteria within cleanrooms. 

All cleans are supported by a pre-clean contamination assessment and a post-clean efficacy verification stage to demonstrate the effectiveness of the clean. All operators are specially trained and work to extensive SOPs and checklists. 

All cleans are followed by in-depth reporting & verification testing to prove efficacy.


Contact us for a free quote today – the Guardtech Group team will be delighted to take your call and will endeavour to help deliver the first-class cleaning solution your business requires.

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