Guardtech Summer Update: Group looking strong on all construction fronts 

Suffolk-based cleanroom installation experts undertaking complex projects both at home and overseas as the Summer season heats up

THE GUARDTECH GROUP are enjoying a red-hot summer as projects continue to move at pace both at home and abroad.

 Work is under way on a variety of different builds across the Group’s brands, with the Haverhill-based cleanroom design & build experts developing some of the most exciting and groundbreaking solutions in their history.

 Two of the standout projects are large-scale CleanCube Mobile Cleanrooms facilities, with a 210sqm Containment Level 2 Multi 7 already taking shape, while a 300sqm CNC Multi 10 is being prepped for deployment in Africa.

 This is alongside Phase 2 of the Group’s 1,650sqm ISO8 Aerospace cleanroom build in the South of England, which is nearing completion, while work is just beginning to get under way on a 775sqm GMP Grade C & D cleanroom in Northumberland and a 1,100sqm ISO7 & CNC Aerospace facility.

 Among a growing list of other concurrent projects are a 500sqm CNC Photonics air conditioning installation in Fife, a 40sqm ISO8 Diagnostics modular in Cambridgeshire, HVAC upgrade for the University of Cambridge, manufacture and installation of a series of bespoke and unique separative devices for a Biopharma firm and a bespoke 8sqm ISO8 Isopod in Northumbria.

 But it’s not just here in the UK that the pace is creeping up – work has started on a 150sqm Grade B cleanroom in Linkoping, Sweden for innovative sight restoration work, a 12sqm Grade D modular cleanroom and bespoke 8sqm Isopod in Stockholm, a 20sqm Grade D Pharmaceuticals modular in Absam, Austria and a 30sqm ISO6 Pharmaceuticals controlled environment in St Gallen, Switzerland.

 With a whole host of other UK-based and international opportunities about to drop, the Guardtech Group are preparing for another busy closing six months of the year – and Commercial Director Mark Wheeler wouldn’t have it any other way.

 He said: “We are really beginning to see a nice spread of projects across all our brands – from large-scale Cleanroom Solutions projects in the South and North of England to a variety of more modest Guardtech Cleanrooms modular builds at home and abroad.

 “The two larger-scale CleanCube construction projects are particularly exciting, as they’re the kind of groundbreaking innovations that are rare in the industry. We look forward to undertaking everything ahead of us with our usual laser focus, indomitable work ethic and resolutely high standards.”

 The Group recently completed a stunning 850sqm ISO5 & 7 cleanroom laundry in Cheshire and a complex 300sqm ISO5, 6 and 7 Electronics facility in Jena, Germany. 

 This was alongside a 1,500sqm CNC manufacturing facility in Suffolk, a 125sqm Grade D cleanroom and a 175sqm CNC laboratory in Glasgow, a 250sqm ISO6 cleanroom in Liverpool and a 100sqm ISO8 cleanroom for advanced composites work in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

 Installation Manager Miles Gardner, who worked on the Glasgow and Liverpool projects, is delighted at how it’s all come together.

 “We’ve been involved in some fantastic cleanroom installations in the past couple of months,” he said. “I’m relatively new to Guardtech, but I’m delighted with the quality of work we’ve carried out and, despite having worked in this field for some time, feel like I’m learning something new every day. Onwards and upwards!”

 For more information on the Guardtech Group’s various solutions, email, visit or call 0330 113 0303.